Passions, Strengths & Self Esteem! The Extensive Guide- Surviving Primary School
Passions, Strengths & Self Esteem! The Extensive Guide- Surviving Primary School: A self esteem book for kids
Passions, Strengths & Self Esteem! The Extensive Guide- Surviving Primary School
Orly Katz
Surviving Primary School! – The essential self esteem and confidence book for kids… "...I was always an outstanding athlete. I was the class champion at sprinting; my room was bursting with trophies…This happened in grade 5. All of us still looked and sounded like young kids when I, and only I, started to develop a ‘phenomenon’: I suddenly started to grow hairs on my arms and on my legs. This was thick black hair that you couldn’t help noticing.I had become hairy!It was hot outside, and the regional sports competition was coming soon. It sounded like great fun, but for me it was a nightmare.Just the thought of our team sports kit (the shortest possible running short and a skimpy vest) made me feel sick.I didn’t know what to do. How could I let everyone see my hairy body in those shorts, and in a sleeveless vest???"Interested to read what happened next? There are no two ways about it – all of us at some time or other try to change what can’t be changed: if only I was taller, if only I was prettier and smarter…Let me share the secret with you of how to have self confidence no matter how you look, no matter how smart you are and no matter how talented you may or may not be!In this book you’ll learn: •How to identify where you are right now! •How to believe in yourself - from the inside! •How to identify the things you really enjoy and want! •How to identify what you’re good at!•How to start working towards making your dreams come true!In short – you’ll finally get it that you’re not only OK…you’re really something!!!This book for kids, parents & teachers… includes:•True life stories about growing up! •Tips, helpful rules, simple to do exercises!•Fun ‘test yourself’ questionnaires•A personal journal All of which will help you discover the secrets to self esteem and most important - how to survive primary school!Don't forget to scroll back up and grab your own copy of this beautiful book while the price is still low or you can read it FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited membership.

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  • Educational
  • Nonfiction
  • Series

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  • 8 - 12
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