Oh, the Devil You Say
Oh, the Devil You Say

Frank Fowler has been slaving away in a lower middle management at a giant conglomerate and going nowhere. His wife on the other hand is a partner in a fast growing IT management firm which naturally causes a growing separation in their marriage. Heading back home from an exhausting trip for his boss, a giant hurricane slams the jet he is travelling on into the ocean. He regains consciousness on a South Carolina beach where he meets a man who claims to have saved him. It is Satan who introduces himself to Frank. Attempts to escape somehow end up back with his gracious host. Conrad, the devil's cover name, makes him an offer to work with him. Rich and famous are the carrots he dangles at him. Frank refuses and he is flown home to DC. Through a series of gross misunderstandings and bad breaks he ends up losing everything, Conrad reiterates his offer and things are so bad, he recklessly decides "what the heck why not? what do I have to lose? Dicey move. His life becomes an exciting series of adventures with Conrad at his side. Until....... Fast and amusing fantasy tale.

Book Details


  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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