Sixteen-year-old Erin Colley is both shocked and enchanted to learn she has the attention of a star football player at her school named Tommy. The excitement of Erin's new relationship with Tommy begins to change. She feels conflicted in the difference of his circle in comparison to hers. This clash of personalities proves to be minor in face of the collision she has yet to stumble upon. Erin has encounters with a mysterious boy, Gabe, who seems to show up when she needs help. With each encounter Erin grows more enthralled with him and his dreamy blue eyes. She realizes that these are the eyes that appear at the end of a reoccurring dream of hers. Gabe reveals to Erin his identity as her protector. He is an angel that is drawn to her due to Erin's spiritual sensitivy, a gift Erin did not know she possessed. Erin connects with him in a way that she has not with anyone else and does not want to give that up. The problem is that Gabe cannot continue to coexist in both the physical and spiritual world. The two worlds collide as Erin becomes increasingly aware of the sensitivy she has. Erin learns how to use her gift for the good despite the heartbreak she feels due to her longing to be with Gabe. How is it that the very gift that drew her to Gabe eventually leads her back Tommy? Erin's intense connection to Gabe and all it entails leaves her mystified.

Book Details


  • Faith-based
  • Fantasy
  • Romance

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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