My Sister's Wedding
My Sister's Wedding (The Maddie Chronicles)
My Sister's Wedding
Fifteen-year-old, self help book junky Madeline Hickman feels she has a pretty messed up life. She attributes it all to sex and booze. First, her alcoholic sister Barbara is marrying codependent enabler Michael. Michael mistakenly insists that Barbara will finally stop drinking once she's married. Then, her boyfriend Justin decides the best way to cope with the death of his father is bingeing on Jack Daniels. On top of that, he thinks sex is the answer to all of their problems. At the same time, her best friend Peter has decided sex with his girlfriend takes precedence over his friendship with Maddie. Then there's the mysterious family squabble between her beloved grandmother Bubbie and The Jewish Martha Stewart (a.k.a Maddie's mother). And to top it all off, her parents are totally clueless about everything-- or so she thinks. Between the surfacing of family secrets and losing her best friend and boyfriend, Maddie feels completely out of control. "Hannah Goodman has written a wonderfully witty, engrossing and hilarious novel about sisters and their relationships. Her prose is dead on and her scenes flow effortlessly from one to the other. I can't remember the last time I stayed up to finish a book, but I had to finish My Sister's Wedding!" --Rosemary O'Brien, Author of First Saturday

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  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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