Leandra's Enchanted Flute
Return to Finian Jahndra
Leandra's Enchanted Flute
How can you be a hero when you're already a legend? Despite the death of Grandma and her own diagnosis of incurable cancer, eighteen-year old Leandra returns to the magical realm of Finian Jahndra at the urgent request of her friend, Songcatcher. Prince Aspen needs Leandra and her enchanted flute to help repel an army of invading humans. Leandra hopes her health will return as well—but something is terribly wrong. The flute has no power and the invaders are killing important leaders. Leandra must find a way to rally the birds and humans of Finian Jahndra to defeat the growing dark force—before the magic dies forever.

Book Details


  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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