Kiss of the Master Vampire
Kiss of the Master Vampire
Kiss of the Master Vampire
Alicia Alex
"I've just been shanghaied by Vampires." Melody is just another "normal" girl. Actually she was a very wealthy girl, but she had no friends or family. But one night Melody runs into someone that will change her life forever. Damian is an unusual Master Vampire...he's allergic to the sun! Confined to the night, Damian begins stalking Melody to make her his prey. But all of that changes when the sun unexpectedly raises throwing Damian into a world of pain, that Melody rescues him from! Torn from having to kill her to protect the Vampire race or allowing her to live as payment for saving him, Damian makes a bargain with Melody. But Melody doesn't realize that when she made the bargain with him she had become the property of a Master Vampire! Join Melody, Damian and his older Master Vampire brother Daren as they live together and they all learn to love life again. Fight alongside the Master Vampires as they fight with a group of Vampires to get Melody back. Fall in love with Melody and Damian who begin to love each other as much as Amadio and Aura. Learn more secrets of the abilities of the Vampire race! But most importantly... Will Melody become the next Master Vampiress?! Bringing back your cast of favorite Vampires and Master Vampires from "The Masters"...Amadio, Aura, Anthony, Kiya, Seti, Victoria, Akhenaten, Selena and Bethany! This is a sequel that you can't afford to miss!

Book Details


  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Romance
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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