I, Claudia
I, Claudia
I, Claudia
Mary McCoy
Disaffected teen historian Claudia McCarthy never expected to be in charge of Imperial Day Academy, but by accident, design, or scheme, she is pulled into the tumultuous and high-profile world of the Senate and Honor Council. Suddenly, Claudia is wielding power over her fellow students that she never expected to have and isn't sure she wants.Claudia vows to use her power to help the school. But there are forces aligned against her: shocking scandals, tyrants waiting in the wings, and political dilemmas with no easy answers. As Claudia struggles to be a force for good in the universe, she wrestles with the question: does power inevitably corrupt?

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  • Fiction
  • Humor

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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This book tells a story about a girl named Claudia. The setting is a school for the wealthy, a school where the honor council, which is made up of the best students, controls the school. Claudia tells her point of view as she watches power corrupt people. Claudia has a stutter and a limp, so she prefers to be invisible but has no problem watching her perfect older sister shine. She wants nothing more than to make it through high school with her head down and a clean record.

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