A Family of One
A Family of One

A Family of One is a book about a curious young boy named Sammy who realizes that he belongs to a family not like any other. Sammy’s family is made of people from different races, religions, and social identities. Furthermore, Sammy was adopted, and that really makes him feel much more different from the rest of his family. Sammy now begins to wonder, “If he were part of a more traditional family, would that be better?”

Come join Sammy as he discovers how his particularly unconventional family is no different from others. Along the way, Sammy learns that his family’s diversity offers special advantages. In Sammy’s case, his blended family instills strong values of acceptance and inclusion. Share with Sammy the joy in realizing that unique families are very special and really not so different after all.

Book Details


  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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