Faith, Hope & Reindeer
Faith, Hope & Reindeer (Santa Claus Trilogy)
Faith, Hope & Reindeer
Santa Claus, Brenda Harris Tustian, Joe Moore
The second book in The Santa Claus Trilogy is an inspirational story that puts a significant emphasis on the true meaning of Christmas and how the North Pole relates its events to the birth of Jesus. A heartwarming Christian fantasy that will have the reader laughing, crying with joy, and mesmerized in the land of Santa Claus and his helpers.Everyone loses faith and hope from time to time. This is the story about good-hearted families who have done unselfish things in their lives but had life events go badly for them. They begin to lose confidence and belief in themselves. Santa invites them to the North Pole without them knowing what their actual final destination is. Once there, Santa restores their faith, hope, and trust with a booster shot of love and magic that will change their lives forever.Discussions with the AuthorWhat is The Santa Claus Trilogy?This is a three-part series that is a family read for everyone from preteen kids reading chapter books to the eldest great grand-parent. It answers a great many mysteries and legends about Santa Claus while entertaining the reader with imaginative fantasies and real events of the world.Is it only about Christmas?Faith, Hope & Reindeer is the second in The Santa Claus Trilogy and is the only book in the three that takes place entirely during Christmas. The other novels span the entire year (or years). Then again, a little Christmas throughout the year is not a bad thing, in my opinion.What is the order of the books?Believe Again, The North Pole Chronicles is the first book in the series.Faith, Hope & Reindeer is the second in the series.Glaciers Melt and Mountains Smoke is the third in the series.Also related:The Faces of Krampus, which is the story of Black Peter, the assistant to St. Nicholas.Aeon Millennium, The Time-Traveling Elf, is set to be released in Fall, 2018.Can readers get the whole series in one bundle?You may purchase The Santa Claus Trilogy as a collection containing all three books in the box set.So, why should readers give these books a try? Faith, Hope & Reindeer has been called "enchanting", "heart-warming," "inspirational", and too many more great comments to list here. It has been referred to as a future "Hallmark Hall of Fame" movie because it evokes such warm and wonderful emotions. If you would like to experience genuine magic in your life, then you are invited to jump on board and discover a place you only dreamed of before.

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  • Faith-based

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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