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Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams

The moment fifteen-year-old Tori Douglas punched her best friend, Kennedy, in the face, she became an outcast. Tori keeps her head down at school to avoid the ridicule of the popular kids she once called friends. At home, her stepfather complains about everything she does and her attempts to reconnect with her mother are failing. Her only allies are her cousin, JoyAnn, and her friend, Carter, though she doesn't know if she can really confide in either of them. When Tori's boyfriend, Devon, gets out of juvie, she hopes things will get better. Tori doesn't feel alone or forgotten with Devon. He always makes her feel as if she's the only other person in the world that matters. She feels safe and loved when he's around. But something is different about Devon. His moodiness has gotten worse, and he seems to have a shorter temper. Tori suspects he's using again, but wants to be wrong and pretends not to notice Devon's suspicious behavior. Until she can't anymore. As Devon shifts between the sweet, charming boy Tori loves and the unstable addict she can't stand to be around, Tori must decide which is worse: the pain of letting go or the pain of holding on?

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  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • Mature Young Adult
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