Aristibule and King Nozé
Aristibule and King Nozé (Philosophy and wisdom Book 2)
Aristibule and King Nozé
Aristibule, a philosopher of ancient Greece, is dragged away from his home and taken to the king's palace, as the monarch is in need of clever discussions and advices. Although they don't really understand each other, the king appreciates talking with the philosopher during his meals. They tackle some fundamental socio-moral problems. Aristibule only thinks of going back home, and finally escapes from the palace.Excerpt :“My dear Aristibule, We would like to consult you on an issue that is cause for great concern to Us. What shall We do with the poor? They are everywhere, they spit on floors, they litter the streets and courtyards, they drink impure wine, and set a bad example for children.”Aristibule, who had heard the word “poor,” remarked, “There are many.” Nozé continued while Aristibule pricked up his ears. “A few years ago, We went to see the priestess of Epidaurus to ask her how to solve this problem. Do you know what the priestess told Us? She answered ‘You must,’ nothing else. What does this mean, Aristibule? We must do what? Can you explain this to Us?”Aristibule was thinking while Nozé gargled with a sip of wheat alcohol.“The Priestess of Epidaurus does not like long sentences,” Aristibule began. Nozé did not give him time to finish. “If We do not punish the poor, there will be more and more!”Aristibule was now hearing well, as the king had begun to speak very loud. He said thoughtfully, “Being poor is not very pleasant.”“On the contrary, it is very pleasant to be poor!” exclaimed the king. “There is nothing to do, outside of remaining poor.”For more philosophical tales :

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  • 8 - 12
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