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The third and final installment in Donna White’s “The Stones” trilogy, Spirits, Graves and Stones ties up the loose threads left by the previous two stories. After getting caught by the Arrow Boys, Bruce is able to meet up with Charlie again, but the two of them realize that they have been separated from Sam and Scott and soon become worried about where their friends might have been whisked away to. The stones often don’t move people in groups to the exact same location, and Bruce and Charlie are left wondering where Sam and Scott are.

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Have you ever wondered why you deal with pain? Well, did you ever think to check the foods you eat, the medicine in your cabinet, or the stress in your day-to-day life? In this health book by Health Coach Cheryl Meyer, you’ll learn one perspective on why people experience chronic pain and how to eliminate the toxins that exist in food, utensils, cosmetics, medicine, water, and even relationships. The step-by-step processes listed in this book will help you get rid of your daily aches and pains.

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