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Pearl remembers the night of the Garrison fire. The fire that killed 4 family members and left only 1 alive. Pearl’s father claims that he wasn’t the cause, yet the rumors around town say that he was. Pearl doesn’t know who started the fire, but she believes her father. If only the rest of the town would as well.

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Todd Williams’ life seems to be falling apart. His mother is spiraling into alcoholism, the bullies at school won’t give him a break, and his best friend, Jennifer, isn’t speaking to him. Todd decides that maybe he should seek the help of a ghost. He befriends a spirit, Leroy, to try and help him figure out his whack life. Follow Todd as he treads the waters of high school and growing up.

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Grace feels like she is running away from the inevitable – schizophrenia, the very thing that took her mother away from her. Grace will do anything to not become her mother. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, Grace’s mother mysteriously disappeared years ago. Grace and her father run a lab where they frequently try to find a cure to the disease. Studying it for years, Grace finally thinks she’s stumbled across a cure. But will something dark lurking within her take over?


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Jess has always been quieter than her identical twin, Anna. Anna has always been the likeable one – outgoing, confident, and athletic. Jess has always been awkward and unapproachable. However, Jess believes that they share an inseparable bond. That is, until Anna is found dead just outside her bedroom window.

Everyone tries to tell Jess that it was just an accident, but Jess knows better. There are too many questions and not enough answers. Why would Anna be sneaking out at night? Was she seeing somebody? Nothing seems to be adding up. Will Jess figure it out?

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