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Sam has always had "creatures" in his pocket. Whenever Sam is having a good time and feeling happy, yellow comes out! But when something doesn't go his way and he is upset, grey comes out. When grey is out, everything seems worse than it is.  With the help of his friend Ryan, will Sam be able to control how he feels (and which creatures come out)? Sam just may be able to accomplish this if he tries his best!

Amelia is just a normal high schooler until one day when she crashes into THE Samantha. Part of the group of THE girls, THE Samantha is gorgeous, flawless, and skinny despite stuffing her face with unhealthy food. Meanwhile, Amelia seems to gain calories just looking at a dessert. And of course, her crush, Matt, had to have watched the whole disaster go down. But when Samantha leaves her little pink book behind, Amelia accidentally grabs it, thinking it is just a diary. But after looking into it more, she realizes it's far more powerful than a diary...

Cameron is an extremely talented musician... but could his talents go beyond just the music he plays? That is the question 10-year-old Cameron Foster starts to ask himself when a mysterious girl, whom Cameron thinks of as Leather Girl, starts to pay attention to him. Who is this mysterious girl, and why is she so interested in Cameron? And when his mother dies and he is taken in by her, she brings him to a large mansion owned by the mysterious Z3. At the house, he finds several other young, talented musicians, and together they complete weird challenges.

Sam isn't expecting a birthday present from her parents. They are away on a secret mission while Sam is with her grandpa at the farm they live on. So when she finds a creature named Boj claiming to be from the planet Kryg with a package from her parents, she is very shocked. She discovers that her parents sent her a Klug, a device that she can use to help transport Boj (who is trapped on Earth without transportation) back to Kryg. Sam travels back to Kryg, and she finds out that she is the queen of Kyrg...

After making a false alarm about a giant meteor, Sam Slade is seen as a joke in most of his scientific circles. So, when he accidentally discovers two aliens lost from their planet (or more accurately, they found him), he is excited to share his discovery. He soon finds out that he can't tell anyone about the aliens as they are from planet xxxyyyzzz, and if they are unable to get home in the next chance, they will have to wait around 1000 human years. The only problem is that Dr. Globule has heard of the aliens, and he is determined to find them.


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