Tina Brescanu

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Tina Brescanu is an early school leaver who used to be thrown out of class for laughing too much. She is Swedish/Finnish and lives in Dublin, Ireland.

Press Release
Were you Sentenced to School?
When Swedish Irish-based author Tina Brescanu was 7 she ran home the first day of school as she was told to start competing against her classmates, for life. No nurturing of the human spirit just plain competition.
So the question to ask ourselves may be, 'Is school an anti-child institution, a control centre where forced teaching and competition is part of keeping students docile, passive and non-questioning?'

For many sensitive children like Tina this was the beginning of a very long roller coaster ride. When asked what did she do to cope at school Tina replied "I used laughter as a life saving mechanism and I swore always to investigate what I had been told was a fact."
Luckily for her fan base of readers and teenagers worldwide, two of Tina's teachers ventured further than the education plan; her Swedish teacher and her English teacher. They nurtured her passion for storytelling, for words, for language and despite leaving school early, going on to learn more from life, Tina still gives thanks to these two extraordinary teachers.

However, like many of us we succumb to the deep sleep of adulthood, but Tina is grateful that she was awoken many years later by her two children. They reminded her of her love of writing. Warriors of Change: Sentenced to School is the first in a trilogy that is for unconventional children and young people with deep hearts.

"So different but so true!" "Empowering!" "Awesome!" are just some of the words that have been used to describe Tina's new Warriors of Change series.