Sue Coccia

Pacific Northwest artist Sue Coccia's deep love for animals was instilled at a young age, and since then she has devoted her life's work to them. The goal of her artwork is to promote the protection of habitats of endangered species. If you look carefully, you'll see there is a ladybug in each image. The ladybug represents good luck, prosperity, and happiness! This is Sue's first book, and she is both author and illustrator.


Every author has a tale, right? That's why LitPick hooked up for an exclusive interview with Sue Coccia, debut author and illustrator of new picture book Every Critter Has a Tale.

Where do you get your best writing done? Do you work better, say, in nature or in organized areas? At home, in my studio corner area with a west and north exposure—a hummingbird feeder, suet feeder, and seed tray outside my windows.

Do you work better alone or when you can interact with others, like your writing friends? Alone, with no one around is best for me, just the sounds of the birds outside

Do you have a favorite character you’ve created? How are you most like that character? The Frog—she represents tasting life to the fullest, and happiness!

When you create stories, do you prefer paper or digital? Or a combination of both? Paper only; I’m not computer saavy!

What is most important to you? Writing or book promotion? Art and writing; it’s therapy for me.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing? Enjoying my family and the dogs, and traveling to meet animals in the wild.

Do you have any upcoming book projects you’d like to share here? We traveled to South Africa, so I’m starting a project around the incredible Elephant.

"I like reading about Bear’s adventures, because Bear learns so much about other animals and gets the opportunity to thank them." —LitPick's student reviewer


Sue Coccia