Shelly Irvine

Currently retired, I am writing a series of memoirs for my grandchildren to show them that life is not easy, that everyone has trials and tribulations, but "this too shall pass." I grew up in rural America in a family of 13, married young, ran away to join the Army, later went on to college and a myriad of different careers, including 30 years of various federal service jobs, but along the way took breaks to be a real estate broker, hotel manager, part-time teacher, and many other jobs I just wanted to do! Along the way I've been married several times, raised two children, and have enjoyed a flurry of grandchildren. I'm a "free-thinker" and my interests are studying nature, psychology, and philosophy. As double-recluses, my husband and I enjoy writing our memoirs as we watch, study, and photograph birds, trees, insects, weather, raccoons, bears, and other amazing living things at our retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


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