Ross Gilfillan

A magazine editor and journalist, Ross Gilfillan is also a writer who has written across genres. His first novel, The Snake Oil Dickens Man, supposed that Charles Dickens sired a son in America and told of how Billy Talbot  hooked up with a charismatic conman called Hope Scattergood to find his famous father.

Snake Oil was auctioned at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The second, The Edge of the Crowd, (a runner up for the Encore Prize), dragged readers into the darkest depths of 19th century London's criminal slumlands. Crime and Punishment in Victorian London, a social history of the Victorian underworld, will be published by Pen and Sword in March, 2014.

Gilfillan has spent 12 years contributing a literary books column to the Daily Mail and has written for a wide range of newspapers and publications. He has been commissioned by Spitting Image and launched an award-winning Anglo-European comic.

Ross Gilfillan has three grown children and lives in Suffolk, UK, with his wife and a dog called Reuben.


Ross Gilfillan