R.B. Woodstone

R.B. Woodstone is a writer, educator, and musician living in Brooklyn, New York, with a wife, a child, and two nutty animals.

R.B. is white and thus feels compelled to write about race in America. He deeply respects that some people are uncomfortable with white authors writing Black characters, but he also believes that white American authors have a responsibility to explore and address both white racism and the atrocities that white Americans have committed against Black people. And some of those stories are seen best through the eyes of Black characters. He feels that white people must attempt to walk in Black people's shoes in order to attempt to comprehend the experiences of Black people in America. R.B. labors to create Black protagonists who exist for their own sake and not as machinery to facilitate the emergence of white protagonists. He began writing Chains of Time in 2001 and has, from the beginning, sought input from Black readers with the hope of making the characters as true as possible.

Half of the proceeds from this novel will be donated to Equal Justice Initiative.

R.B. is currently working on several novels including Time in Chains, the first sequel to Chains of Time. He is also writing a rock musical based on Dante's Inferno.

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