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North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc. is a small press royalty book publishing company focusing on regional books specific to Minnesota, with some books also on Wisconsin, the Dakotas, Iowa, and Michigan. North Star Press has helped hundreds of people realize their dream of being published come true by publishing over 700 books in our forty-year history. We have also helped hundreds more realize this dream through our Guided Self-publishing program.
North Star Press is an award-winning press. Our books are of high quality and are nearly always printed locally. North Star has a creative approach to the publishing business. We have enough skills that, unlike other small press publishers, we do absolutely everything we can in-house. We focus on relationships with our authors, bringing them along in their writing, public appearances, and professionalism. We provide them with lists of places to sell the books, contact information, mentors, and, above all, encouragement. This is the kind of innovative approach that makes us successful, even during tough economic times.

Our mission is to always publish high-quality, well-written books that bring a voice to the Minnesota experience. To us, every book deserves and gets our very best effort. We don’t know how to do any less.


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