M.L. Clayton
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M.L. Clayton, a resident of Winter Park, Florida, shares a home with a cantankerous, seventeen-year old cat called BK, a gentle and loving yellow tabby named Ginger, and an energetic, four-month old puppy named Sophie. It's a good thing the puppy came after the book or the story might never have been told! Childhood memories of the author's three grown sons are lovingly wrapped in the DNA of Kaden Parsons along with experiences from the real Kaden, Kaden Buchmann, a lover of Monarchs and planter of waystations. [Show picture here] The author is active in a local Winter Park writers group led by Elaine Person, is a member of Florida Writer's Association and enjoys working with young readers in fourth, fifth and sixth grades, while supporting organizations such as The National Center for Bullying Prevention, Upstander, (sponsored by the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida), The Center for Grieving Children and Monarch Watch. M.L. Clayton, a professional instructional designer who has dedicated nearly twenty years to helping adults learn, is thrilled to offer a first work of fiction for young readers.