Maureen McCabe


Happy "Christmas Spirit" saturation led Maureen to write: "A Christmas Love Story: Nicholas Nutcracker & Brittany Ballerina." While putting her beloved ornaments away, McCabe felt inspired by some cute Christmas art of a nutcracker and ballerina ornament hanging from a branch. Maureen's foray into writing a children's book about these two ornaments was a fun, creative writing project.

McCabe is also interested in non-fiction history. She wrote her first book about her father's show business career as a tap dancer during the 20th century. Currently, she has another project underway about a famous show business photographer from almost 100 years ago. Both stories contain lots of vintage photographs that help tell stories kind of like walking through a museum.

Maureen, her husband Rich, and adorable mini-Aussie love live in Spokane, WA, amongst the beautiful pine trees and near the Spokane River.



Maureen McCabe