Matt Kuvakos

Matt Kuvakos is twenty-five years old and grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He now lives in Tempe, Arizona with two buddies and a crazy German Shepherd named, Chief. Besides going to school for writing, Matt loves his friends/family, reading awesome books, discovering unknown music, hiking, and cheering for the Chicago Bears, Blackhawks and Cubs. Another important part of his life is his relationship with God. As a teenager, Matt never really knew who God was and eventually stopped caring about Him and himself. He searched for stability and his identity by consuming himself in all the wrong things.

Yet, God never stopped loving him through those dark stages of life. He discovered that there was more to life and that even in the deep darkness you can always find a flicker of light if you just look for it. Matt started to write, and started his crawl back to God.


Matt Kuvakos

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