M. K. Nelson

From Amazon.com:
Majida K. Nelson leads a double life.  
A voracious book appetite and a library card are entirely to blame.

From an early age reading great books inspired her to get out into life and explore.  Whether the complete works of Zane Grey, Beverly Clearly or the fantasies of Half Magic and The Lord of the Rings, wonderful stories and heroines gave her a push out the door.  
Her middle grade mystery novel, The Royal Red Secret, was e-published/ print on demand in most formats November, 2011 by Puddle Town Publishing Group, Portland, Oregon. She also illustrated Dream Seekers by author Lisa Aird in 2011 available through Amazon e-books.
Majida happily grows a Portland, Oregon wild urban garden and swings a Yang Tai Chi sword for weekly exercise. When not wrangling the dog, cat or tortoise for vet visits, she keeps track of her grown daughters with the help of fellow adventurer, husband Mark.
Majida is a former S.M.A.R.T. Oregon reading site coordinator, public school library aid, a member of SCBWI, Portland Kidlit and the Portland Illustrators' Group. She holds a BA in art from Marylhurst University and an AA in Graphic Design. She worked as a graphic designer and taught singing for non-singers for many years

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