Lee B. Woods

A University of Miami journalism graduate, Lee Woods has been a reporter in Europe, a senior corporate staff writer, a marketing communications manager, an in-house advertising manager, a proposal writer/editor, a workshop leader, and a freelance copywriter for 25 years. Under contract to a variety of public and private organizations, corporations, local government agencies, advertising agencies and university training centers, he has planned, created, written and produced the gamut of both internal and external communications, including website text, magazine articles, newsletters, print ads, brochures, trade show presentations and display copy, product bulletins, slogans, news releases, proposals, a full-length book, and executive summaries for both domestic and international readers.

Following his studies at the University of Miami, Lee pursued graduate courses at Boston University's School of Public Communications, the M.I.T. summer program in technical writing, and graduate courses in virtual teaching at two Florida universities. In 1992, he was the guest journalist aboard the schooner Spirit of Massachusetts during the Columbus Quincentenary tall ship rally in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 1988, he earned a Coast Guard near-coastal master's license, and is a former certified instructor with the American Sailing Association. He has lived and worked in Germany and the British West Indies, and is a self-taught classical guitarist, having performed at a variety of venues.