L. Filloon


From the author's blog:
I was born in Samoa, the Heart of Polynesia. When I was six, my father moved us to Oahu, Hawaii until the summer of my eleventh year. I went to and finished school in California, married, had a beautiful child, divorced, met a wonderful man a few years later, moved to Las Vegas, and 17 years later, we are still together and living a quiet life in Vegas. Yes, it is possible to live a quiet life in Vegas. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I started writing. All I know is that I have been writing since before I even knew what writing meant, or what it would mean to me later on in life. Maybe it was that Christmas when we lived in Oahu. We each received one gift (my sisters and me) and I remembered unwrapping that very small gift only to find a pen. And not even a new one. I remember wanting to cry, but my mama said, stop crying and go write something. And I’ve been writing ever since.