Kenneth Fenter

Kenneth Fenter lived on the farm in SW Colorado in the early 40s-50s, roamed the canyons of Summit Ridge, searched for bee trees and Indian Ruins where the novels The Ruin and its sequel The Bee Tree are set. He was bullied in grade school. As a high school language arts teacher for nearly 30 years, Fenter worked with students struggling with illiteracy, family issues such as dating, religion, bullying, cultural and mental illness– issues in both The Ruin and The Bee Tree. Although these novels are not autobiographical, he writes about what he knows best. Kenneth Fenter is the author of three non-fiction books: a series under the heading An American Family in Japan –Gaijin! Gaijin!, MoIchido: Once More, and Stained Glass. The Ruin and The Bee Tree are his first novels. All of his books deal with cross-cultural situations. Fenter is a retired high school language arts teacher who lives in Bend, Oregon with Lora his wife of 50 years as of 2011, and Jack Russell terrier Beau. Fenter divides his time writing, publishing and helping others aspiring to tell their stories.


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