Keith Hoerner

BIO: An advocate for healing through writing, Keith T. Hoerner had a successful career in marketing and sales, winning 33 national/international awards for excellence in these two fields. A medical scare led him to achieving an MFA in writing (his passion), the reward of teaching, and -- eventually -- finding peace with a troubled past.

Amazon reviewer Linda Briggs-Harty, "The best treatment of child abuse I've seen... The writing is rich, descriptive, fluent, emotionally imbued but spare and authentic. [The] voice in the book, in particular, moves me beyond words."
Amazon reviewer N.R., "[Do] you know what makes [this] different from other books about child abuse [and] alcoholism?It's motivating! [I've] been praying for a sign over a personal matter, and [this] was it. It's amazing how you're able to touch so many different people - all suffering from various issues - in less than 200 pages."

LitStack, "An engaging read into hurt, Hoerner puts the reader in the front row of a house of dysfunction. Lovingly attentive to the complications of the family heart..."



Keith Hoerner


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