Julia Suzuki

Julia Suzuki is a British author

John Blake Publishing - 'Dino' imprint:

Adventure Series: The Land of Dragor:  The Gift of Charms (Book One)

As a child, Julia grew up listening to the magical sounds of fair rides and animals from the theme park next to her family home in Staffordshire, England. A love of reading, nature, and the outdoors fed her colourful imagination and inspired her to become an author. Julia has a degree in business studies and creative writing as well as studying speech and drama at the London School of Music.

Awards: British Arts Council Award 2014

“This is a classic in the making - a mythical magical fable in the tradition of Tolkein and JK Rowling”

•   “A beautifully presented, wonderfully unique debut” THE SUN

•    "Action packed. This book is on fire"

•  "Unputdownable"



How did you get started writing?


One day I was sitting in my office with nothing particular on my mind when the idea for the Yoshiko character idea hit me powerfully. It was the greatest moment of inspiration I have ever had; the whole plot literally tumbled forth. In fact, it felt as if I had suddenly become pregnant, with something wonderful growing inside me that I cherished and I knew I simply must feed and develop it into the completion of book one. With thought of a series in the back of my mind, I wrote the whole basic plot out that first day.



Who influenced you?


Many things influenced me. I love movies, and sit and watch Disney and adventure movies over and over, studying how the scenes develop. I knew I wanted my readers to journey into a really magical place - where I hoped certain life answers can be found through the exploration of my characters and their experiences. People I have known have especially influenced me: those who have challenged me, those I have loved and love, and those too who I wish the best for and I hope can perhaps take some inspiration from my work.



Do you have a favorite book/subject/character/setting?


I have various favourite books, characters, and settings:


My favourite books are the Adventures of The Wishing Chair and The Enchanted Wood stories by Enid Blyton. I particularly like the character the 'Saucepan Man,' who is rather grumpy but extremely fabulous. How great to live high up in a tree house!


I love the setting of the movie The Wizard of Oz - to me this is the most emotive movie of all time. However, I was utterly blown away by the film Avatar and have watched that close to a dozen times, absorbing all the magnificent detail.


My favourite children's character has to be Tinkerbell. I like the fact she is high octane - absolutely buzzing fully of energy and life; efficient and determined too. A cheeky gal with a real good heart.



What advice do you have for someone who wants to be an author?


My advice for anyone wishing to be an author, is firstly be sure you want to dedicate your life to this field. Writing is just one part. It takes total commitment, beyond just being a career authorship often absorbs your whole life. You must be truly passionate about books to be successful - learn about book marketing early on. Even the best content will not get anywhere unless you can promote the book and be the brand ambassador yourself. 


Agents and publishers are hard to convince and even when they take you will only do so much. The passion needs to come from you and ooze from you. It is a competitive world and not for the faint hearted.



What is your favorite place to write?


Can I tell you a secret? 

Promise you won't tell! 

Was that a yes I heard you say?

Ok! Ok!..... I will tell.... because I know you won't tell-

I often write tucked up in in bed, early in the morning and late at night. Sometimes I write all through the night. Onesies were a fabulous and fortuitous invention - I write best in mine. 

I also love to write on the train. It feels fabulous to be whizzing at high speeds and this spurs on my ideas.



What else would you like to tell us?


Book One in The Land of Dragor, The Gift of Charms, transports the reader to smoky terrain, where the world's last remaining dragon clans live secretly hidden away after surviving many wars. A young dragon, Yoshiko, is bullied and tormented because of his uniqueness and ventures out of his habitat to find answers. Neither the human world nor the dragon land will ever be the same again!


I received the British Arts Council Award in 2014, which was just wonderful news and feel blessed to have had such fantastic reviews by the British National Press, radio, and reviewers. I love to write in the hope my words will bring my readers joy and a little sparkle. As the saying goes, 'she who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten,' and my dream is that my books leave a positive, beneficial and lasting impression.




Julia Suzuki