Jordan Deen


Jordan Deen was born in a small town outside of East St. Louis, Illinois. When her family home burnt down, she discovered her love of story telling by creating inventive ways their home perished. She continued her love of writing since, but primarily worked on short stories and poetry. In 2008, Jordan discovered the world of young adult novels and was hooked. She read her way through the entire YA collection at Barnes and Noble in just a few weeks. She penned her debut novel,'The Crescent', over the summer of 2009 based on a hyper-paranoid summer night when her german shepherd would not let her into the house.

Jordan currently lives in Southern California with her husband and son. She still frequents Barnes and Noble and at time of posting, is working on 'Half Moon' the sequel to 'The Crescent'. More information about Jordan's other works in progress can be found at
'Life is about the journey...'