Joe Moore

Joe Moore is Santa Claus. Or at least he has portrayed Santa for the last decade and more. He learned everything he could from the Jolly Old Elf and has been Santa's Ambassador ever since.

Joe Moore is also in the process of developing a full line of Children's storybooks about Santa's elves and what they do. Joe manages the highly-viewed website This website is designed for parents, offering them advice from professionals, podcasts, a blog and articles of interest to help parents in raising their children.

Prior to this Joe was a magazine feature writer and a sales and marketing professional for more than 30 years. Married to his lovely wife, Mary (yes they are Joseph and Mary), they have three grown sons and reside in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.

The couple built "the North Pole" in their house and most of Santa's home including the shops, areas and factories Joe wrote about are from the Christmas village they built together over the years.

Joe and Mary love children and spend countless hours bringing them joy around Christmas and throughout the year. They visit many daycare facilities, and are featured in several events, during the Christmas season.

Joe is pleased that his first novel is about the subject he is most passionate about. Being Santa and spreading faith and hope wherever he goes.