Jill Bugbee

Author, film producer and singer/songwriter, Jill Bugbee, enjoys being creative! Together with her husband, Eric, they authored the story of Fiver Finds Home, originally written as a feature film treatment. Having partnered on many creative endeavors over the years, they are passionate to bring uplifting content to audiences through the craft of storytelling. With their two children, Collin and Kayla, the family reside in the Northeast of the United States, and their love for exploration has lead to many fun and memorable adventures.

Jill’s colorful character, Fiver, was inspired by a dream where she met him as she stepped into a quaint café. She marveled at a blue-colored, purple-spotted, 7-foot tall giraffe gliding gracefully across the restaurant — grabbing menus, plates and setting tables for customers with his long neck, smooth agility, and incredible balance. Instinctively, Jill somehow knew his name was Fiver. As this magnificent creature approached her, Jill immediately fell in love with his big, kind eyes. He asked her the question, “5:15?” which was probably her reservation time, or perhaps something else to be revealed and discovered in the future.


Jill Bugbee


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