Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

Jenna Elizabeth Johnson has cherished her imagination since the day she discovered it (probably around the age of two) and has enjoyed the many adventures and retreats it has offered her since.  Miss Johnson grew up and still resides on the Central Coast of California, the very place where the Legend of Oescienne began to blossom into the epic it has become.  "The province of Oescienne is based primarily on the topography of this area, and some specific locations in the novel reflect actual sites.  These places are dear to me, and I wanted to share their natural magic with those who might read my books."

Miss Johnson has a BA in Art Practice with a minor in Celtic Studies from the University of California at Berkeley.  It was during her time in college that she decided to begin her first novel, "I had these stories stored away in my head and had even sketched out some ideas during art class.  One day it dawned upon me that if I didn't write these stories down, then I would be the only one ever to enjoy them.  Furthermore, reading such works as Beowulf, The Mabinogi and The Second Battle of Maige Tuired in my Scandinavian and Celtic Studies courses only added fuel to the fire."

Having a degree in art has also aided Miss Johnson in creating the world of Ethöes.  All of the artwork found on this website (except for the image of the open book in the title area of the site) was done by the author. "Having a picture, especially a map, helps me visualize the story more completely.  I hope that the images I have placed on my webpage will help my readers get a better idea of what my world looks like.  Of course, you are always welcome to disregard them if the image you have in your head is better than the one I offer." 

Besides writing and drawing, Miss Johnson enjoys reading, gardening, camping and hiking.  She also loves animals and bird watching and has many bird feeders set up in her garden at home.