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GMTA publishes through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Sony and Kobo. Our print books are with Createspace.

We host a line of imprints in the form of sub-presses for various genres: Libertine (Romance/Erotica), Mythos (Fantasy/Science Fiction), Polliwog (Children’s/Middle Grade), Grimoire (Horror/Thriller), Enigma (Mystery/Drama), and Celestial (Spiritual/Religious). Benefits for publishing with GMTA are far beyond what many publishers offer today. GMTA has worked hard for authors over the past year and a half helping with internet promotions and so far we have had overwhelming success.

Contracts with us include free internet promotion, free production of cover art, free creation of blogs, like pages or other social media to help the author gain the attention of the online community (if needed) and guidance to other avenues of promotions that could further help the author with their works. GMTA does offer help contacting Publisher's Weekly with e-galley review requests on the author's behalf if asked for. We recommend editors who charge reasonable fees for their services. However, using one of our recommended editors is optional and not mandatory. We do screen all manuscripts submitted to us, thoroughly before acceptance. We search for talent and believe in quality, not quantity.


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