George Matthew Cole

After raising a family, George Matthew Cole lives with his wife and dog in Burien, Washington. His career, that spans over thirty years, has been exclusively in the field of computing. He has worked with mainframe computers as well as PCs and servers. "Flashmath for Windows 95" is a freeware flash cards program written by Mr. Cole many years ago. It is still in use today. George began writing after attending a creative writing class in the Seattle area. The idea for "Colt O'brien Sees the Light" came from personal experience working with high school students over a two year period.

"Colt O'Brien Sees the Light" is George's first novel.


From George Cole
Hello current and future readers. I grew up in California in the 60s, spent a little time in Hawaii and ended up in Washington State for most of my adult life. After a long career in the computing support field, I am now a full-time writer.  

I became interested in writing by looking at what my local community had to offer.  About four years ago, I attended a creative writing class at a local community college here in the Seattle area and found that I enjoyed it. I must give credit to my instructor Marjorie Rommel for her enthusiasm and cheer leading ability.  Luckily for me, a writing group was formed, after the class ended. The support and encouragement was is great . I still belong to that same group, as well as another, here in Burien, where I live.

The subject of my first book was something I was passionate about.  I participated in a Microsoft certification program with high school students back around 2000.  I used that experience as the foundation for "Colt O'Brien Sees the Light". The main character is not based on anyone who was in that program but does represent the dedication and commitment that the real students exhibited.  Although the novel is fiction, many of the situations in the book are inspired by actual events.  I wanted the freedom to  capture the spirit of the program in my own style and fictional situations.  In the end, I wrote something that I enjoyed reading.

Now that I have finished my second book I feel more comfortable with my writing and the publishing aspects.  I look forward to many more books to come.