Endreketta _

I was born on an island in the Pacific Ocean. A daughter to two adventurous souls who instilled in me an insatiable wanderlust. We moved often, new places, new friends, new experiences, which helped me become a keen observer of life. As I grew older, I loved exploring these places and immersing myself in their histories and cultures. These are the experiences that I write about. Writing and art are in my blood.

I have always enjoyed writing and drawing. Telling stories seems as natural as breathing to me. When my children were younger, our bedtime rituals nearly always included a quickly made up, off the top of my head, tale to help them relax and fall asleep. You can read more about me on my Facebook Page called Endreketta's Place. It is where I post updates of my books, showcase what I have been working on, feature DIY crafts to go with my children's books for storytime, and share book promotion events. My stories include children's storybooks as well as collections of poems which include original artwork as a complete visual storytelling experience. I welcome your comments on my work. Follow me on Instagram @endreketta Facebook, Goodreads, and Pinterest.