Elyse Salpeter

From Amazon.com
I am the author of five novels and a host of short stories. What I love is mixing "the real with the fantastic" in my books. I like taking different scenarios and suddenly creating worlds where things just aren't what they appear to be.

My first published novel, FLYING TO THE LIGHT, is about a young deaf boy who knows what happens to you when you die. It's a fast paced thriller that keeps the reader on their toes, never quite knowing who, and who not, to trust.

I'm a co-editor and contributing author of NIGHTS OF BLOOD 2, by 23 House Publishing, a wonderful vampire anthology filled with fantastic stories. In addition, I have a young adult science fiction short story called THE SUN AND THE STAR in TIMELESS, a YA anthology about eternal love, published from Cool Well Press in February, 2012.

From Amazon.com
I'm a big lover of food and cooking, take tae kwon do and have a crazy little deaf ferret as a pet. As a mom of twins, finding time to write sometimes is tough, so if you ever see the light on at either midnight or five in the morning, and someone feverishly trying to edit something, that could be me.



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