Diane Lilli

Diane Lilli is a published poet, author, and journalist, and lives 8 miles west of New York City. She attended Emerson College and is the recipient of the Shirley Chisholm award for journalism. 

The Last Invention is her first published novel. She is currently working on a sequel to the novel that will be published by December, 2023.

She founded the first digital online and occasional print newspaper in New Jersey, TheJerseyTomatoPress.com (2004), and created Under the Apron, a digital food magazine (2005); founded and served as the designer and sole salesperson for The Lilli Group, a leading national women’s fashion company based out of New York City, and was a professor of English at Monmouth University. 

She was the ghostwriter for three non-fiction books and currently works with authors in the US, EU, and UK. Her poetry has been widely published in over 250 prestigious literary journals.

Diane Lilli is the mother of three adult children, has two daughters-in- law, and (as of 2023) one granddaughter, a beloved “grandson Golden Doodle” Bilbo, and a feisty black cat.