Daryl Shaun Price

From Daryl's website
I have traveled extensively throughout the US, and been to Ireland.  I currently reside in McAllen, TX.  I am a single father of four adorable children.  Arissa, Michael, Ainsley, and Addyson are such a special blessing in my life, and the reason I write, sing, and create.  I hope they can see that the world is full of amazing possibilities and always let their imaginations lead them to find meaning far beyond what is in front of them.

I graduated from UNC Charlotte in 2001 with a BA in history and a minor in religious studies.  I have always been fascinated by myths and legends form different cultures.  I love how cultures have brought meaning to what is going on around them through explanations that go far beyond the physical senses.  My studies led me to start writing the Paul Ostler series for that reason.  I  combine Native American, Viking, and Celtic myths and legends into an exciting world where a young boy can learn what it means to be special.

I have always been a musician and love performing and composing.  I have recently started recording my music so that I can share it with more people.  Probably best classified as adult contemporary, my music has deep themes that anyone can relate to, with straightforward melodies and tight harmonies.  I hope that sharing my emotional experiences in song may touch someone and help them feel like maybe others can understand the ups and downs they go through in life.

My poems are reflections on the beauty and wisdom I see in the world around me.  Sometimes there is no better way to express the special moments except in verse.  I hope in sharing them with others they to can see the wonders in the magnificent world around them.

My short stories are pieces of the many ideas that run through my over-active imagination.  They encompass many themes, and have many different purposes.  This is where I share my thinking out loud with others.

I love telling stories, be it through song, written, or spoken word.  I believe that the stories we share with each other is what fill life with real meaning.  Ever since I was a kid I have had an overactive imagination, and a head full of stories.  I hope by sharing them, it can add a little to others’ lives.  I work as an IT and business consultant in McAllen, TX.  I am very spiritual and enjoy the peaceful moments when I get to ponder.  I love exotic foods of all sorts, and trying new foods is my favorite thing to do when I travel.