Dan Dillard

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I write stuff down. Well, normally, I type it... so I guess I am more typist than writer. If I'm any good at it is really up to you, and none of my business.
I like the dark and evil, although, it isn't all I do. I prefer story, intensity, and genuine scares over gore, although a little grue is good for you. Comedy eases the tension well, especially just before the real terror sets in.
Most of my writing is for the grown crowd (at least those who claim to be grown) but I do have a few stories coming for kids... and a screenplay aimed at the 8-80 crowd. Maybe that will see the light of day.

I'm married with two great kids and a bunch of pets. I am in the Midwest, but I wouldn't really call it living at the moment.... and when I'm not writing, I can generally be found wasting time on one or the other book board, forum, blog or social network. Say hi. Tell me what you really think of my work. It's ok, really. I also write for the William Castle Blog: Scare it Forward. We are on our third campfire novel, loads of fun, check them out.

Firmly ground into my little genre, I am. For now.
Keep it Creepy!

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