Connie Bowman


LitPick has partnered with The Children’s Book Review to bring you an interview with Connie Bowman, author of There’s an Elephant in My Bathtub

***What inspired you to write There’s an Elephant in My Bathtub? 

I actually woke up one morning with the first line in my head. I wrote it down and the rest of the story just flowed from there.

***Did you have a favorite stuffed animal as a child? 

I had so many stuffed animals! They covered my twin bed. I remember that I had a snake, a purple one, that ran the length of the bed. Eventually I got tired of moving them to go to sleep and putting them back when I made my bed. Guess that's part of growing up.

***Please tell us about the other books you have written. 

I wrote a little book for my grandson called Beau's Day Care Day about a little boy who doesn't want to leave his mom when he goes to day care. I put all of my nieces and nephews in that one, so they loved it too! Back to Happy was my first book about healing through grief after the loss of my first child, Meghan.

***What advice do you have for someone who wants to be an author? 

The best advice comes from one of my teachers, Julia Cameron, who wrote The Artist's Way. She suggests writing three pages every day longhand. You've got to just write, even when you don't feel like it. Like prayer and meditation, it keeps the flow coming!

***In addition to being an author, you also do voice overs. We’d love to hear about a memorable project. 

Well, since you asked, I'm going to make a short story long. When I was in high school I performed in musicals, which led to auditioning for the film Grease after graduation. As part of a public relations effort, Paramount was looking for an actor from every state to play the high school students. I landed the part and flew to LA to be in that iconic film. That experience led me to study theatre and public relations in college, and my first job was in PR. I started doing voice overs when my boss realized he could save money by having me perform the radio spots we were writing. That set the stage for a long career in voice over. I also still act a bit in films, TV, industrials, commercials.

***What is one life lesson you’d like to share with our students? 

Pay attention. Your life is giving you clues to your purpose and your passion all the time. Like the sweet dad in the book, be prepared for anything - even an elephant in your bathtub - and respond with patience, love and tenderness. Your life will unfold sweetly, miraculously, and just perfectly for you.


Connie, thank you very much for the wonderful advice, and we loved hearing about how the path of your life unfolded as your gifts were recognized. We look forward to hearing about upcoming books.



Check out this YouTube video featuring some broadway stars singing about an elephant in the room while showing There's an Elephant in My Bathtub.


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