Claudia Martial
My name is Claudia Martial, I am originally from the island of St. Lucia, and moved to the United States over
30 years ago and I have two girls who are now grown. I worked as a nanny, volunteered in the public
school system where I taught children ranging from primary to middle school, and spent some time
working in Special education with developmentally disabled children. I later went back to school and joined
the world of nursing. Now as a Family Nurse Practitioner, I continue to make a difference in the lives of
children and families in the community as a provider.
I grew up in a world of stories, folktales, and books. As a child, my mother would read to us at night or
whenever she had a chance. I remembered how my imagination would give life to the stories I heard.
But the amazing thing about these stories and folktales is they all had a practical meaning that was the
life and breath of the Caribbean. From a very young age, I hoped to one day to become an author and am blessed to have the dream come true.


Claudia Martial