Cameron Alexander Straughan

Cameron A. Straughan is an award-winning writer. He was born in a small, conservative lake-side town whose motto was “don’t change anything” and its social machinations - and their impact upon him - would not be out of place in any given Morrissey lyric. A loner by nature, his endless hours spent fishing and exploring the local woods and waterways led him to a career as a fisheries biologist. 

His career led him across Canada and down into New York – where he provided outdoor education for at-risk-youth. He slowly became more interested in the social and cultural aspects of science – in particular science communication. This led him to pursue two additional degrees - a Master of Environmental Studies and a Bachelor of Education. For his Master’s Degree, he made a documentary on Algonquin Park wolves. As a teacher, he taught secondary science and biology, and primary school, for 12 years in England. He now works as a STEM teacher in a Northern Ontario First Nations school. 

While working in England, and markedly late in life, a lifelong mystery was solved. After decades of not knowing why he was ‘different’ and didn't seem to fit in, it was a mainly positive experience which he is still adapting to. On the positive side, it has gifted him with a vivid imagination, unique perspectives, distinctive sense of humour and an absurd view of life, which he freely expresses in his writing. His vivid dreams, fascination with surrealism, love of photography and filmmaking, and professional experience with both scientific and technical writing helped develop his unique, clean, matter-of-fact visual style – where the commonplace is juxtaposed with the fantastic.

His blog, “Trapped on a Rock Floating in Space”, is a perfect encapsulation of his view of life and his desire to reach out and share ideas with similar-minded individuals. The blog’s tagline sums him up well: “The singular adventures of a lone traveller drifting through time, searching for peace, comfort and meaning.”


Cameron Alexander Straughan