Beth Kanell


I'm passionate about Vermont -- its people, communities, landscape, history. And I'm writing "young adult" novels that root in all of those: THE SECRET ROOM (Sept. 2011), THE DARKNESS UNDER THE WATER (2008), COLD MIDNIGHT (releasing Nov. 3, 2012!), ALL THAT GLITTERS, more. Please do check on current projects at

Autumn is arriving in Vermont -- there's a blush of color across the ridges, declaring they'll soon blaze with scarlet and gold. At night, skunks, raccoons, and deer scurry past, all feeding with frenzy, to outlast the coming winter. On these brisk, crisp days, flocks of geese wheel overhead, practicing for the long journey south. This is my favorite season, and I write poems while in waiting lines, and outline upcoming novels. I'm learning to use Pinterst, too, to share Vermont's moments with you.

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