B. C. Johnson


I live in Southern California, where I’ve lived my entire life and hope to die (in glorious combat, at a very old age). I do like to travel, and maybe someday I’ll have the means and the time for it. I live with my amazing ninja/fiance Gina, and the cutest dog in the world, Luna (or Luna-Tuna to her friends). Writing, movies, vidja games, and the internet take up most of my time. I’m a drummer, but there’s never a place to do it since my high school ska band broke up, and my legendary skills lay dormant, coated with rust.

My dreams are to someday captain a space-freighter crewed by wacky adventurers, dislike a movie based off one of my books, and figure out how to spell the word “exacerbate” on the first try. Which, I didn’t. I had to type that about four times before I got it right.

Stick around if you want to hear my ramblings, or, the journey of a fledgling novelist towards either publication or terrible, disastrous, gut-wrenching failure.