Art Elbin

Art Elbin is fine not being a fictional hero, super or otherwise, because 1) not fond of running or capes, 2) not interested in dispensing justice, and 3) favorite drink is hot tea, straight up, no milk or sugar, please. 

Don't get us wrong, Art wields a nasty weed wacker in the yard, can silence chirping smoke alarms with just a ladder and a 9-volt battery, and wears a lot of super cool athletic clothes. 

But Art is happy being a real human who 1) chooses ice cream or candy (or both) over any wine, including champagne, 2) insists there is no ugly color -- any color can be matched to make a beautiful pairing, and 3) writes sci-fi fantasy for the pure joy of writing.

"I may look or act differently than you, but I believe I'm not more or less special than anyone else anywhere else in our world. That's my truth."


Art Elbin


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