Arloni Bais Junior

Arloni Bais Junior was born in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, on May 1972 and has as hobbies arts in general, photography, music etc.. He always liked to create and tell his own stories.Extremaly observer, he has a very critical point of view of the world. By absorbing from each place he had been its people and culture, he increased his own perception about the human being. Being naturaly curious and having a researcher skill, he always studies a subject before talking about it in order to give to the story the maximum possible accuracy. With a particular gift to talk, listen and analyze people, he discovers, as he likes to say, "the person behind the person", ie, he tries to see if a person is trustable or is "wearing masks" to interact with others. All of this helps him to create characters - analysis, interaction, observation. Despite a degree in Bachelor of Computer Science in 1993, he is an amateur writer and eternal lover of a good reading.


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