Alyson Larrabee

Alyson Larrabee lives in Easton, Massachusetts, near the epicenter of the infamous Bridgewater Triangle. When she’s not skulking around the many graveyards of her hometown at midnight and exploring the mysterious depths of the Hockomock Swamp, she teaches English at Easton Middle School.

A graduate of Oliver Ames High School, Emerson College and Bridgewater State University, Alyson is an avid reader of mysteries, ghost stories, historical fiction and many ridiculous but fascinating internet articles.

She’s the author of Enter If You Dare and its sequel, Her Evil Ways, in addition to being the proud mother of three humans and a redbone coonhound named Nigel. 

Blurb for Enter If You Dare:

Anthony is so obsessed with Annabelle Blake that he would die for her. Except he’s already dead. He’s the ghost of the legendary Lonesome Boy but he’s not lonesome anymore because now he has Annabelle. He’s with her all the time. Stalking her.  Waking her up in the middle of the night with his constant weeping and his ice-cold wordless whispers.

She needs help. Fast. Enter the mysterious new boy in town. Wyatt Silver is an amateur medium, but he doesn’t just see dead people. He becomes them. Anthony takes possession of Wyatt’s body and their terrifying adventure begins.

Blurb for Her Evil Ways:

In the sequel to Enter If You Dare, Wyatt gets drunk at a party and hooks up with Colleen Foley. When she realizes Wyatt will never get over Annabelle, his new wannabe girlfriend visits a haunted graveyard, late at night and asks the Ouija board for help. There, in the cold and the dark, she sets free the evil spirit of Catherine Hayward and sends her on a mission to destroy Annabelle.


Alyson Larrabee

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