Allen Ling

Allen Ling's love for reading started early. He was an overactive child, so in order to get him to sit still while waiting in the doctor's office, his parents would bribe him with comic books. This led to his passion for visual storytelling. But Allen had very traditional asian parents who didn't like the idea of him growing up to be a creative author. He dutifully went to college and developed an innovative and thriving physical therapy practice. His dear friend, actor Daniel Wu (Badlands and Lara Croft), inspired him to delve back into his youthful passion of visual storytelling. Genesis II was born. Allen is a cancer survivor and also active in the community and he is building a team of volunteer readers to bring his book and the joy of visual storytelling to Oakland Children's Hospital and Stanford Children's Oncology ward. The team at Genesis II Comics is busily working on several new books in the series.


Allen  Ling