Alejandra Domenzain

Alejandra Domenzain grew up in Mexico and the United States. She has worked in the field of immigrant labor rights for over 20 years. This has included doing outreach and education, organizing, policy work, and research with organizations ranging from national civil rights organizations to worker centers. This story grew out of the love she feels for the brave immigrants who bring their strength, and dreams to this country. It also honors the vibrant immigrant-led movements that have come before, and the current ones forging a path towards “justice for all.”

In addition, Alejandra has a California CLEAR teaching credential and taught elementary school for five years, specializing in language arts. She loves reading and writing, and believes books can open minds, fuel movements, and change the world. That is why Alejandra is using her "green pen" to write books that invite kids to question, dream, and stand up for justice.

Alejandra lives in California with her Brazilian husband and two school-aged children. For All/ Para Todos is her first children's book, but she hopes to publish many more!


Alejandra Domenzain


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